The company offers a dynamic development of the implemented system, providing it with further standard functionalities and individual AXACOM solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX system. We are open for new ideas, consider the suggestions of our clients and suggest the most effective solutions, mainly due to our extensive knowledge and experience.

Having worked in the field for 14 years, our company owns numerous additional modules, which modify the work in the system; each of the solutions functions at our clients.


Individual solutions of AXACOM

Separating the activities, joining the subjects
We possess extensive knowledge and experience in distinguishing further subjects in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system. Numerous projects, like separating the production process to a new subject in AX, selling a part or the whole partnership, or introducing a new owner to the books of AX have been done for our clients. Each process has been carefully done, with the use of the historical data of the foregoing activity.

Automatic accounting for the transactions
Accounting for transactions is the solution that allows an automatic way of accounting for transaction, both on the accounts of the contractors and financial accounts. The division of accounting within a couple of fields (such as accrued expenses, sales and purchase invoices, credit note entries) allow to choose the field within which the automatic accounts are to be done. As a result, the accounting department avoids long-term manual work of operating the accounts, mainly by means of accounting for the purchases and unaccounted deliveries. Finally, the solution expands the non-standard functionality of the Microsoft Dynamic AX system.

Freezing and limiting the supplies to storage movements
Additional functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics AX system allows to freeze and limit storage movements within a particular period of time. It results in a stoppage in accounting for the documents changing the status of the storage. The function allows to freeze storage movements after the end of the month, but still before the final financial statement. Therefore, the accounting department has enough time to deal with all the operations necessary to close the previous month. The other departments (sales and purchase and storage) cannot account for the storage movements from the previous month.

The register of the income tax for legal entities
The register of the income tax for legal entities is the solution which allows to optimize the documentation of the CIT tax. The solution allows to minimize the additional activities the people responsible for the registration of the income and outcome documentation have to deal with. It is mainly due to the fact that proper costs need to be assigned to particular periods of time and it needs to clear whether the income is the subject to taxation. Apart from the registration of costs and CIT income the solution contains the tools to control the proper usage of those categories and the tools to generate the register of the tax return.

Registering, accounting and reporting the costs over time
The solution based on periodical worksheets is not only easy, but also a quick way of registering the costs accounted over time. Periodical accounting appears at the moment of accounting an invoice, creating a trait on the account of the periodical costs. It also provides entries to account for the costs over time. However, the division of the total costs on individual accounts and the scope of the initial phase of RMK registration generates numerous entries necessary for the late calculation of those costs. The report on the costs calculated over time and the automatic mechanism of calculations complete the above-mentioned solution with the supervising element and makes the evidence of the costs consistent.