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For over 14 years we have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX System, and we specialize in creating its functional development. We are the team of cooperating and ambitious people with big knowledge, experience and competence, concerning Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For over 18 years, the leaders of our team have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX. The average time of our consultants' experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX is estmated as 7 years, programmers' experience - 6 years.

Our knowledge and competence is mostly appreciated by companies which need help in finishing implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX. We also offer assistance in such implementations. Thanks to us, Microsoft Dynamics AX in these companies is no longer a problem, but it becomes a clear and helpful tool in everyday work.

BlackLine is a leader in FCPM - Financial Corporate Performance Management Cloud Computing solutions for Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) help and support financial departments in solving problems related to financial close, speed up the close process as well as control the entire accounting cycle.
In 2020, 80 % of large and 25 % of medium-sized companies in North America and Europe will use cloud financial corporate performance management solutions for consolidation, reporting and enhanced financial control and automation.
Cloud computing capabilities for FCPM will soon replace manual processes and on-premises systems, which will be a major challenge for these organizations that will persist with locally based software.
Get ready for changes with BlackLine.
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Do you have an active subscription plan Microsoft Enhancement Plan (BREP)?

As one of the few Microsoft Partner, we implement a SAF solution provided by Microsoft::
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Don’t you have an active subscription plan Microsoft Enhancement Plan (BREP)?

We offer our proven SAF solutions for every version of Microsoft Dynamics AX:
  • Axapta 3.0
  • Axapta 4.0
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
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