We offer our customers  complete solutions , supporting the development of their business , in addition to Microsoft products we also offer  hardware solutions that complement our main offer : servers , operating systems for servers , backup systems , matrices and so on.Infrastructure.

Our solutions are based on the products of the world leaders in this industry, and at the highest quality. We provide  multi-server and  multi-processor solutions, and most often the entire virtual environment.

To fully exploit the possibilities  of Microsoft Dynamics AX, additional equipment like barcode readers, terminal code readers, touch panels, printers, labels, etc. are used.  All of these elements are chosen  according to your needs , they are delivered and  configured, and, above all, we  guarantee that whole equpment will work well together.

Hardware solutions offered to our customers are based on the products of popular companies and brands.

In terms of server solutions (servers , arrays)  we use mainly Fujitsu and HP solutions, in terms of terminals with bar code readers -  Motorola 's solutions, and in the field of barcode printers -  Zebra solutions.

If necessary, we can act as the prime contractor/ supplier and coordinate and monitor the cooperation of several suppliers (subcontractors recommended by us or indicated by our client) - so we guarantee that all solutions will function properly and meet the needs and the expectations of the company.

Practice and experience

We often offer virtual environments, thanks to which, on one server  one can run a dozen or even more virtual machines. It allows efficient management of servers and better use of hardware resources.

We also use the above solutions, so we can share practical knowledge in respect of the offered solutions. Dozens of Virtual Machines run on our servers - often we need a dedicated machine (or machines) to manage  the  programmme environment corresponding to the  installation at  the Client's place. We have many test environments of various versions of systems (from  the oldest to the  newest). In the traditional model, we would have tens of servers which is connected with huge maintenance costs, including energy consumption. Thans to virtualization, we can reduce this number to 2 servers.  We use Fujitsu - servers RX300S8 and RX2540 M1 (a total of 4 processors 20-core, close to 1 TB RAM), matrix Eternus DX100 S3. This gives us a powerful environments. Servers work in the so-called  cluster, so can guarantee continuity of work and the possibility of continuous service to our clients.

To virtualization we offer Hyper - V, Microsoft  solutions, which we  also use.