Social issues are equally important for us as business ones. For many years we have been involved in national and local events. We try to take care of mostly local residents, and support gifted children's development.



In 2008 we joined WOŚP for the first time, and since then we have been cooperating together.
The main aim of WOŚP is charity activity concerning healthcare. It is about saving lives of those, who are ill, mostly children. Moreover, WOSP cares about promotion of healthy lifestyle. They achieve their goals through filnal money collections, buying special equipment for hospital wards in Poland. They also conduct five national medical programmes and one educational.



Since the beginning of AXACOM we regularly support UNICEF actions.
UNICEF is a humanitarian organisation, operating for children. Their activity includes: developing vaccines, building schools, and immediate help in the situations of the humanitarian disaster.  UNICEF does its best to improve children's life.

Music School of the first grade in Sieradz

For many years we have been supporting gifted children attending the classes in the Music School of the first grade in Sieradz. Thanks to us, Music School was equipped with the digital piano and lute violin.
In June 2014 we were the co - organisers of the  10th National Flute Festival, which took place in Music School in Sieradz.
In September 2015 in response for the appeal of the Headteacher of the Music School we made a donation for the redecoration of Steinway & Sons piano, which had been bought from the National Philharmoniy in Warsaw. The participants of 10th International Chopin's Competition Festival in 1980, were playing  this instrument.


Students' sports club "Dziewiątka"

"Chess lays the grounds for intelligence" Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
Chess is a unique game, it teaches attention, cuteness of the mind, and the ability of concentration. It requires mature, abstract and strategic thinking.
he protegies of UKS "Dziewiątka" achieve success in individual and group competitions, they take an active part in province, macroregion chess tournaments, and they have quallified  to the Championship of Poland, for the first time.
We also offer help in organising participants' trips to tournaments and we participate in organising chess competitions in Sieradz.


Władysław Łokietek Primary School No.9 in Sieradz

In 2008 we supported the school in preparing and organising the ceremony of giving the school, the name of Władysław Łokietek.
In 2013 we joined the school family festival "The magic of books", and since then we heve been supporting the event regularly.


Jan Brzechwa Kindergarten No.3 in Sieradz

We funded didactic charts for this Kindergarten. The motto of this Kindergarten is "A  Child's Welfare".
The Kindergarten prepares the youngest ones for life. It teaches them how to achieve success in life, and how to deal with difficulties. The teachers' aim is to show how interesting the world, and the people are, how to be sensitive to other  people's needs. We hope that our support  and teaching materials will  help in these children's development.

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