Commercial and distribution  enterprises must now quickly adapt to the changes and increasingly complex demands of the global market. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers them useful functions, such as chain management, and the service of branches that facilitates the rapid expansion of the company.

Original solutions of AXACOM for commerce and distribution

Automation of sales from several companies (one warehouse , two companies)

Automation of intercompany service - modifying Intercompany functionality allows any operation from a single company while maintaining distinct accounting. The functionality of shortening the process of handling the sales - purchase between related companies, automatic issuance of warehouse documents and invoices, auto service of  sales for the recipient of a related company.


Temporary sale offers

Sales offer -  the mechanism of registering  temporary sales orders. Its functionality lets people specify different types of offers, depending on the time during which the goods are to be reserved for sale.  After this period of time, the offers are canceled, unless the user has to take a decision on their approval. There is the possibility of approving and handling a particular part of the offer


EDI Documents

Microsoft Dynamics AX gives  the ability to create solutions to business- to-business electronic exchange of trade documents (EDI) with other systems. The solution provides a common platform that can be used by business partners to customize the format (conversion) of the exchanged data. The solution is  integrated with Microsoft BizTalk Server, which is responsible for the process of exchange and transformation of documents between organizations with the ability to define business processes.


Default customer order

Customers' orders in trading companies are often characterized by high repeatability. To facilitate and streamline the service of accepting the orders (in particular, by telephone) we have developed a modification of the contract defaults. It allows you to prepare a template order for a customer (goods and quantities) manually or automatically based on sales analysis for a specific period of time (the most often purchased goods). The solution significantly reduces the process of taking orders thereby increasing customer service staff.


Recording and management of tenders

Tenders module solves the problem of managing tenders for the customer and controlling the amount of the tender subject . Thanks to this solution, it is possible to record all tenders, print listings according to a specific template , control the prices and quantities. We guarantee that the right merchandise is sent, and in the right, as established earlier, price. In the fast and simple way we can also trace the history of the procurement tenders. It is also possible to record purchases under the bid.


Loyalty programs

Thanks to our module as a supplier of a variety of goods, you  can improve your relationships with customers alone, offering them a variety of loyalty programs. The points for the purchase of the specific goods, the points for the value of the invoice counted in a given period of time on each customer, can then be accounted for prizes, or other bonuses. Information about the amount of the points  can be  communicated on a regular basis  by the customer with the trader, who always has the current data with them - in the  AXACOM Mobile application.


Preparation of goods and documents for shipping

This solution allows for quick and efficient issuing of invoices, delivery documents, receipts, KP documents, which the driver takes with them, delivering the goods to the customer. Orders are grouped according to pre- assigned routes, so that with one click we can print all the documents for the customer and a list of documents for the driver..


Setting up and monitoring  traders' plans

The motivating system, aimed at traders is now a key to encourage them to work more efficiently. Firstly, knowledge of the sales force is needed for their reward, but on the other hand, the whole company gains, since the level of sales is being developed by the traders all the time. We offer module of taders' plans, in which each of the traders can be given a sales plan by individual assortments and define special tasks. The system analyzes the invoices to orders transmitted from  AXACOM Mobile system, that we get a full picture of realized sales.


Brand management of products / goods

The distinction of sales indexes  due to different brands - sales service  and separateness  of invoicing. Marking brand sales allowing the separate sale of indexes , creation of sales orders, depending on the type of brand, providing a distinct invoicing , the possibility to use  separate templates of documents.


Management of shipping invoices depending on postal companies

Postal companies - marking the company operating the dispatch of invoices to  the customers. Automatic assignment of companies serving the area according to the corresponding address of the file recipient.