Transport and logistic companies face a great challenge: a skillful management of orders, flexibility, being competitive and a high standard of service. All these factors make other companies invest in advanced ERP class solutions, making management more efficient.
Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it easier for the companies to analyse and predict changes on the market, and enables dynamic adjustment of the company management to the changing conditions. A rich set of ERP functions, together with extensions adjusted to the particular trade, gives investment benefits easier and faster.

Original AXACOM solutions for transport and logistics

Microsoft Dynamics AX  intergation with an external shipping system

Taking into consideration the needs of companies offering shipping servise, we combined Microsoft Dynamics AX  with the external system created to run such a business. Together with this system, Microsoft Dynamics AX  plays also a financial role, which means that all the cost and sale invoices are registered and sent to the shipping system.

The import and export of data, such as information of contractors, invoices, contractors' bottom lines are made automatically, as the tasks for Microsoft Dynamics AX  System. Contractors are imported to Microsoft Dynamics AX System to the special charts, from which, after the confirmation by the user, suitable database of  receivers and suppliers are created automatically.

Imported invoices are also created automatically  in Microsoft Dynamics AX System. The incomings on the bank account are also  registered in the System, and contractors' bottom lines  are reduced. Accountancy has always up-to-date data.