UiPath tools have an extensive interface and built-in solutions that allow for quick and effective automation of business processes, they can be used in virtually any industries and fields, wherever we deal with repetitive processes. Robot works work well in the following areas: finance, accounting (e.g. posting statements, settling payments, taxes, analysis of purchase invoices (through OCR and machine learning) and entering data from such invoices into accounting systems), IT, HR, forecasting, invoicing , banking, insurance, call-center, cooperation with courier companies or in cooperation with e-commerce systems.  

UiPath tools are easy to use, they use diagrams, flowcharts, automation can be easily created with a computer mouse ("drag and drop"). Created automation (robots) can work independently or cooperate with the operator. Some processes can be automated by the users without IT preparation, without IT resources.

UiPath supports all activities related to the automation of processes, from supporting process analysis, through building robots, automation supervision, to the analysis of the obtained effects (savings).

One of the most important tools and the one that allows you to start your "adventure" with RPA tools is UiPath Studio (StudioX), which is also available for testing, free of charge.

UiPath provides temporary versions for testing (for 60 days), which allows you to enter the world of RPA solutions, which is a great help. Often, after trying these tools, new ideas emerge in areas of activity that can be automated.

    Robotic Process Automation RPA

  • Imitates the action of a human operator by performing repetitive activities
  • Makes decisions based on rules
  • Integrates quickly with existing applications and without interfering with them


  • Provides economic benefits by accelerating digital transformation
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance with regulations
  • Increase in productivity and eliminate errors
  • Increases employee satisfaction and commitment.

    Implementations are completed in 4-6 weeks, ROI in 6-9 months